Zeiss DuraVision Lenses With Zeiss DuraVision Protection  
Zeiss DuraVision Lenses   Without Zeiss DuraVision Protection

Outstanding anti-reflective properties
• Higher luminance transmittance for even clearer vision.
• Reduction in distracting reflections on the back surface by 20% for a more comfortable viewing experience.
• Reduces reflections on the front surface by 20% for a more appealing appearance.
• Increased light transmittance by the lens, resulting in even better vision.

Zeiss premium anti-reflective coating.
DuraVision® technology offers you
protection, clarity, easy care and durability
contact lenses

The multiple layers of DuraVision® Coatings ensure a more durable, tougher lens, courtesy of superior hardness.

Trust in a quality Zeiss coating
• Lenses with DuraVision® UV Anti-reflective Coating consist of layers that are densely packed using ion-assisted deposition.
• This results in a lens surface that is 3x harder than the previous generation of AR-coated plastic ZEISS lenses and 35 % harder than AR-coated glass ZEISS lenses.
• DuraVision Platinum UV Lenses have an exceptionally high Bayer ratio of >10, and it guarantees the hardest ZEISS lenses.

Anti-reflective properties
The true measure of AR clarity is luminous reflectance: the lower the reflectance, the greater the clarity. The unique blue reflex color of ZEISS DuraVision Platinum reduces luminous reflectance by over 20% compared to conventional green AR-coated lenses. The result is sharper vision, particularly in high-glare conditions like driving at night or working on a computer.

Long-lasting cleanability.
Lenses that are easy to clean and keep clean

DuraVision lenses are super hydrophobic coating repels oil and water for an easy-cleaning experience. The super-slick clean coat makes lenses very easy to clean. These lenses come with high contact angles repel oil and water more effectively. ZEISS lenses with the DuraVision® AR Coating have a contact angle of a minimum of 110° (lenses without super-slick clean coat: 95°).

Dust and dirt repellent
• The patented anti-static layer prevents the build-up of static electricity.
• As dust and lint are not attracted to the lens surface, lenses stay cleaner for longer.

Tough on Dirt
Wiping a lens with a cloth creates static electricity, which attracts dust. DuraVision Platinum’s patented anti-static layer decreases the buildup of static electricity by over 90%, dramatically reducing dust on the lenses and keeping them clearer longer.

Tough on Smudges
The super-slick topcoat leads the pack in both oleophobic (oil-repelling) and super-hydrophobic (water-repelling) performance, making the lenses extraordinarily easy to clean. Droplets of water and oil make less contact with the lens, so it’s easier to wipe them.

Tough on Scratches
ZEISS DuraVision AR lenses are 3 times harder than the previous generation of anti-reflective (AR) lenses.

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